Mgter. Santiago Valero Alamo


Graduate and Master in psychology. Post Graduate Degree in International Management in Health, Disasters and Development from the University of Costa Rica. Colonel Psychologist of the National Police of Peru in retirement. Doctor Honoris Causa by the Association of Magisters, Doctors and Postdoctors of Peru. Ambassador for Peace for the Universal Peace Federation, based in the UN. University Professor in pre and postgraduate degrees. Senior officer of the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru. Founding president of the Peruvian Society of Psychology in Emergencies and Disasters. Founding member of the Latin American and Caribbean Network in Emergency and Disaster Psychology Membership International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. USA author of the book Psychology in Emergencies and Disasters 2002. EMDR Psychotherapist. Diploma in Suicidiology, Psychotrauma.


Lic. Thony López García


Lieutenant of the Santo Domingo Oeste Fire Department. Master in Behavior Therapy. Studies in Psychological First Aid at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Intervention in suicidal crisis. Instructor at the International Fire Academy, Boston Massachusetts, USA. Professor of PAP and suicide prevention at CEADPA Dominican Republic.  

Lic.Heriberto García G.


Graduate in general psychology from Universidad Latina de Panama. Volunteer psychologist in the National Civil Protection System of Panama (SINAPROC). Basic Command and Incident System Course through the National Civil Protection System of Panama (SINAPROC). International diploma in suicidology from the University of Manizales Colombia. University diploma in emergency psychology and intervention in crises, disasters and catastrophes from the Catholic University of Cuyo Argentina Abrir en Google Traductor •

Lic. Orlando Fernández Francino


Mr. Orlando Fernández Francino is a Psychologist from the Bernardo O'Higgins University; Chile, with certifications in Emergency Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology. Founder of the recently created “Emergency Psychology Support Team” – EAPE – Chile. He has extensive experience in the educational, clinical, emergency and training fields, carrying out various intervention plans, workshops and training in different regions
of Chile, which are developed in the Educational, Clinical, Prevention and Management of Emergencies, Intervention in Suicide Attempts, School Coexistence and Conflict Resolution in the Educational Community, among others. Firefighter for approximately 7 years, currently in the 6th La Serena Fire Company - Chile, with specializations in Vehicle Rescue, Height and Altitude Rescue Techniques, Forest Fire Control, Fire Investigation.

Ingrid Noemy Paz Durán


Clinical Psychologist specialized in “Emergency Psychology, Self-care and Preventive Support for different victims and personnel involved in crises, emergencies, disasters and catastrophes.” Volunteer Firefighter certified by the Guardian Foundation – Fire Search and Rescue and “Emergency Psychology” Instructor according to NFPA 1041 regulations. Suicide Attempt Intervener – Cats. I have artistic and communication skills to transmit messages through the interpretation of puppets, combining art, psychology and techniques in an innovative and effective way, playing an integral role in the response and recovery to critical events.

Belén Trindade


Lic. in Psychology. Graduated from the University of the Republic, Uruguay. ACADEMIC TRAINING: UDELAR, CENUR LITORAL NORTE, SALTO.

EXTRA CURRICULAR TRAINING: UDELAR, FACULTY OF PSYCHOLOGY, MDEO: Systemic Therapy and quality of life – 2021. Systemic Therapy and quality of life, approach from the legal perspective. 2023. CORDOBA UNIVERSITY, FAC. PSYCHOLOGY, ARGENTINA: Acomp. Community Actions against Gender Violence – 2021. NGO, EVERYDAY WOMEN, MDEO: Group work with women victims of sexual abuse, gender-based feminist perspective – 2021. CENUR LIT. NORTH, HOUSE OF THE UNIV. RIO NEGRO: Psychological First Aid – 2021. Child and Adolescent Psychodiagnosis. REFERENCE CENTER 2023. VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER FROM 2017 TO 2019 IN THE CITY OF SALTO, URUGUAY. 



Mgter. Melinda Endrefy


Member of the Official College of Psychology of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Official accreditation in Emergency Psychology and member of the Emergency Psychology Group (GIPEC) in Tenerife, Spain. Euroasia representative and member of the International Federation of Emergency Psychology. President of the World Association of Emergency Psychology in Ukraine. Emergency Psychology coordinator in Ukraine for HromadaHub, Ukraine. Official master's degree in Educational Psychology - University of La Laguna, Spain. Official master's degree in Communication Psychology and Social Influence Techniques - Titu Maiorescu University, Romania. Collaborating professor for the Faculty of Psychology of the University of La Laguna, Spain. Health psychologist, accredited by the Official College of Psychology of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Trainer of Trainers by the Government of Romania.


Dra. Nira Kaplansky


Director of the NATAL emotional first aid line. Expert in trauma and resilience of child victims of the Palestinian-Israeli armed conflict. Dramatologist and Social Worker. He has trained professionals in exposure techniques in Costa Rica, Argentina, Sri Lanka (Mashavim team) and Nigeria. Social worker and executive director of Waterbirds Project. Former director of the PTSD clinic in Kiryat Shmona – Israel. Supervisor of trauma therapists nationwide in prolonged exposure techniques, EMDR and SE FR CBT. M.A. Drama Therapy from the University of Surrey, Roehampton and Phd in PTSD from Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford-UK. Expert in early childhood preventive programs and domestic violence intervention programs. International university professor and author of material and works.


Luiz Henrique Amorim Feitosa


Sergeant of the Military Fire Department of Ceará (CBMCE), Brazil. Specialist in pre-hospital emergency and water rescue. Degree in computing. Specialist in telecomunitations. Professor of the Suicide Attempt Care Course (CATS / CBMCE).